Hi! I’m your mushroom auntie. Come forage with me!

Hi! I’m an enthusiastic, science-based foraging education content creator focused on mycology and holistic ecosystem awareness with a special focus on sustainable harvest.

In 2021 I was selected as one of TikTok’s 150 Latinx Creatives, and in 2022 I was one of ten recipients of the TikTok Latinx Creatives Grant, in partnership with MACRO and UnbeliEVAble, which is funding a foraging docuseries I am making over the next year.

Press includes Buzzfeed, Encore, Teen Vogue, Newsweek, NOTE Magazine, Taste Magazine, Green America, and Delish.


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→ Mycology

Identifying edible species, busting mycophobic myths, and prioritizing safety.

→ Edible Plants

Identifying, preparing, and preserving edible plants.

→ Ecosystems and Stewardship

Promoting personal responsibility, foraging etiquette, engaging in native permaculture, acknowledging Indigenous wisdom and lifeways in foraging sustainability practices, and catering to entire ecosystems.

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